From Gym Newbies To Seasoned Fitness Buffs: Why Everyone Needs Perfect Posture Start Here For A Safer And More Effective Workout

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I recently met with a new client for his first session. His goal is to become stronger and reduce his back pain. When I explained that we’d be spending most of our first session establishing perfect posture and alignment, breathing … Read More

Five Simple Travel Health Tips How To Go On Vacation And Not Leave Your Health At Home

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There’s nothing more rejuvenating than taking a well-deserved vacation. But going on a holiday shouldn’t mean leaving your healthy lifestyle at home. In fact, taking a break from your healthy habits can seriously hijack the fitness goals you’ve worked so hard … Read More

Weight Loss Secret: Why Diet & Exercise Aren’t Enough. Part 1 There's Something You're Probably Not Getting Enough Of

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Does this sound familiar: You’ve made a serious commitment to your health and weight loss goals. You’ve hired a trainer who’s helping you exercise more often and more vigorously. You’ve changed your diet, swapping out bagels and pizza for lean … Read More

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