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Free “How To” Videos

Spine 1 canstockphoto8548237Establish Neutral Spine

Keeping your spine in its natural, neutral shape is essential to keeping your back safe in many exercises. This short video will teach you how to establish neutral spine in a supine position.



Activate Your Core

Your core muscles surround and protect your spine, keeping it safe and stable during movement. In this short video you’ll learn how to engage your deep inner abdominal muscles — your core.



Pilates Toe Taps

Toe Taps may look simple, but done right they can really challenge your stability and strength. For best results you’ll need to master the principles demonstrated in the previous two videos.



PLANK GUY canstockphoto31728582

The Perfect Plank: 4 Variations

Planks are simple but effective bodyweight exercises. This video will help you learn how to perfect your plank and avoid common mistakes.



The Perfect Squat: 2 Variations

Done right, a squat will work almost every muscle in your body. If you’re serious about fitness, squats should absolutely be part of your routine. Learn how to do them right!