Low Back Rescue (10 min)


Ever experienced lower back pain? Use this 10 minute audio class every day to help strengthen and lengthen your lower back and rescue you from pain.

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While on our vacation last month, my partner Charles hurt his back in what we’ll call a boating mishap. (He’d prefer that I told you he was injured fighting off pirates, but in reality he tweaked his lower back during an extremely bumpy Zodiac ride in the fearsome waters of Hecate Strait.)

Like so many people, Charles has a job that requires him to sit in a chair all day. When we’re in this position we tend to roll back off our sit bones; over time our lower back muscles become lengthened and weakened, putting us at risk for back pain and injury. 

I myself have experienced job-induced back pain: in my former career in the beauty industry I wore high heels every day, which forced me to tilt my pelvis in the opposite way. This compressed my lower back (which led me to Pilates and changed my life forever!). 

Charles’s experience led me to create this 10-minute routine to stretch and strengthen the core and lower back. You can do it every day, preferably in the morning. All you need is a mat — no pirate stories required!


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