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I’d love to hear what you have to say about training with me, taking my classes, etc. Get in touch and, with your permission, I may add your comments to this page. Thanks!

Gail Pearce

CEO, Gail Pearce Recruiting

Christie is a world class fitness leader and health coach. She designs and delivers fitness programs and workshops that educate, inspire and motivate individuals and corporate groups. Christie is a master at providing health and fitness tools to promote self-discovery to help you reach your health and fitness goals.  

I have had the pleasure and benefit of her individual coaching and facilitation of my personal fitness and health program. Christie is an active listener and has customized a meaningful health lifestyle program to meet my goals. She continues to inspire me and I highly recommend her!

Rodney Sharman

Composer-in-Residence, New Music for Old Instruments, Early Music Vancouver, former Composer-in-Residence Vancouver Symphony, Victoria Symphony, and National Youth Orchestra of Canada.

I came to Christie Stoll with a pinched nerve C 5-6 which limited mobility and upper body strength training. Christie thoroughly researched my injury and its symptoms before our first session, creating a program that has helped me regain strength and flexibility. She is always prepared, time-efficient without rushing, creative with stretches and exercises without ever being superficial or trendy. When I have alerted her to any further injury, she has immediately accommodated it, altering the work-out to target (or avoid) problem areas. She is also a warm and good-humoured person. I look forward to every session, and am so pleased to be regaining strength and endurance. Christie also accommodated my request for 30 minute sessions, which I greatly appreciated. 

Anne Pigott

Specialty Representative, Humira Rheumatology

Christie has been training me twice a week for the last 4 years. Christie has extensive knowledge of Kinesiology, health and nutrition, and is always on top of her continuing education in her craft.

I was a competitive athlete in my earlier years, and Christie knows and understands the importance of training and working around acute and chronic injuries. This has enabled me to excel in my cycling and hiking passion in my late fifties.

Christie is definitely not a one size fits all coach and this becomes critically important as I have the privilege of aging well. Thanks to Christie, my strength and flexibility have never been better.

I highly recommend Christie as an inspiring coach and trainer who is supportive and motivating for all the mental and physical elements of health and fitness.

Rachael Bullock 

Business Manager, J & J Flooring Group

It is a privilege be able to write a testimonial for Christie. When I hired Christie 4 months ago I had two bulging discs and a pinched nerve. I had been suffering with this excruciating pain for over a year. During this time, I had lost a lot of muscle tone due to lack of mobility and gained a lot of weight. I was really in a bad place.  

Christie started me off slow and always made sure I performed each exercise and maneuver correctly. She always took my injury into consideration. Christie has an extensive amount of specialized and diverse training.  She taught me how to strengthen the areas around my injury without causing more pain. I can now run, lift weights, stretch, and I live a pain free life.  

I will forever be grateful to her. 

Susan Main

Blogger, “Speaking Of Safety”

Having a weekly session with a trainer keeps me from having lapses in my exercise. In the past, I’ll get into a habit for a while, but eventually I’d start slacking and find myself saying ‘I’ve got to get back to the gym.’ Now I have to go because I’ve made an appointment, which commits me to going.

People may view it as a luxury for rich people, but if you think about it, weekly training costs less than some people spend on a week’s worth of cigarettes or a night out on the town.

Lara Pinto

Recruitment Manager, O2E Brands

I chose to start with a personal trainer because I was sick of always going to the gym and not knowing what to do. I was always focusing more on “I have to stay at the gym for one hour”, thinking the TIME spent there (sometimes just dilly dallying) justified my workout. I did my research on trainers before I chose Christie, and when I found her profile I just knew she was going to be the one that helped me.

When we met, I had just gotten engaged and like any bride to be, my first thought was ,”I need to get fit”. Christie and I talked about my goals and the plan to achieve them. After meeting with her, I quickly learned the importance of a lifestyle change, the importance of proper form, and the happiness of becoming stronger rather than just losing weight.

I have been working with Christie for over 3 months , she keeps my workouts fun and interesting by switching them up and keeping me aware when I slip out of form (fun fact, if its easy, you are doing it wrong!!). She holds me accountable for my actions and I can feel myself getting stronger, not to mention her positivity is so contagious.

Starting with a personal trainer was the best idea I had if for nothing else just having someone motivate you when you feel like giving up.

Kunakar Pou

Owner/Pharmacist, PharmaSave Commercial Drive

My trainer tailor made my training routine working around a non gym related shoulder injury.  I still was able to get a great work out while supporting the healing of the shoulder. It would have been difficult to do this on my own, and I may have continued to injure the same area.

Ja Kim

Owner/Pharmacist, PharmaSave Commercial Drive

On my own, I tend to reach a plateau and feel comfortable there.  I also avoid doing exercises that I do not like or that I cannot do well such as core, push ups, planks. My strengths get stronger, and my weak spots tend to stay weak. With a trainer, I am getting a well balanced routine, that is constantly changing.

I have been training with Christie for approximately 2 years, and I have yet to see a plateau.  She skillfully navigates me to help to get to the edge of my fitness level, and pushes me just a little more. She helps me to keep up with a changing target, minor injuries, energy level of the day, my goals. This is is the most fit that I’ve ever been.

I save time. It is the most efficient and way to work out. I think of my trainer as part of my health team, along with my doctor, dentist, massage therapist, pharmacist etc…I rely on her expertise and relax into the training routine of the day.

I feel great for the whole day, and the next day too.

It’s so hard to wake up early and go to the gym, especially during the winter. I know that even though in my heart I am motivated to go to the gym, it’s so warm in bed and another 30 minutes of sleep is always welcome.

It’s great to work out at the park during the warm months. I appreciate Christie’s inventiveness and flexibility in taking it outdoors.  She has an infinite combinations of exercises that we can do with minimal number of training equipment.

Big hugs and we truly appreciate everything about you!

Kathleen Oliver

Assistant Department Chair, Department of English, Langara

Christie’s audio classes are the best thing you can do for your body without leaving the house. Her precise, detailed instructions ensure that you exercise safely and properly, so that you can get the most out of every workout. If you’ve been lucky enough to take Christie’s classes in person, this is a great way to stay active when you can’t get to the gym. If you haven’t, the audio classes are an excellent introduction to an outstanding instructor.