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BodySculpt – Mindful Muscle Flow

BodySculpt – Mindful Muscle Flow

Recommended Playlists Apple Music Spotify Class TypeBodySculptEquipmentDumbbellsResistance BandDuration45 minutesLevelBring On The Burn!

Pilates – Spinal Integrity

Pilates – Spinal Integrity

Recommended Playlists Apple Music Spotify Class TypePilatesEquipmentNo equipment neededDuration45 minutesLevelEveryday Exercise

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9:30am BodySculpt

About Christie Stoll online fitness instructor

My Story

Fitness has been my passion for as long as I can remember.

Even as a little girl growing up in southern Ontario, I simply loved the joy of movement.

Now, as a fitness professional, I love helping people discover that joy for themselves.

When it comes to strength, flexibility and endurance, no two people are the same. But I believe everyone, regardless of their age or fitness level, will feel better in their body — stronger, healthier, more capable — when they strive for improved posture, greater body awareness, stronger cardiovascular endurance and increased muscular strength.