9:30am Yoga


7:30am Mobility
9:30am BodySculpt
4:30pm Pilates


9:30am Mobility
12:00pm Pilates
4:30pm BodySculpt


9:30am BodySculpt
5:00pm Yoga


10:30am Pilates
4:30pm BodySculpt Express


9:30am BodySculpt

With my live online fitness classes you’ll get great workouts — and so much more!

You can ask questions and get feedback on your posture. I’ll give you modifications to the exercises, suggested music playlists, and encouragement to keep going.

Intensive Pilates Workshop

Sunday May 28 at 2pm
Live on Zoom

Includes two weeks of online fitness classes – FREE!

Elevate Your Pilates Practice

with Christie Stoll

This workshop is designed to help you fine tune your mat Pilates technique, and get the most out of your practice.

Over the course of 60 minutes you’ll gain a deep understanding of how Pilates works, learn how to harness the strength of your core, and discover a modern approach to this classic form of exercise.

As a certified Pilates instructor with over a decade of experience, Christie will guide you every step of the way and provide personalized feedback.

Whether you’re new to Pilates or a seasoned pro, this workshop will help you take your Pilates practice to the next level.

Elevate Your Pilates Practice with Christie Stoll

What You’ll Learn

Live online fitness classes

If you’re already a Pilates enthusiast, this is the perfect opportunity to evaluate where you’re at in your practice, correct any bad habits, and refine your technique.


If you’re new to Pilates, you’ll receive a great introduction to the practice and establish a solid foundation for your journey.


Christie will demonstrate a variety of Pilates exercises, help you understand how to do them correctly, and explain their benefits in a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere.

✅ Bonus!

Registration includes a 2 week Gold Membership with Christie Stoll Fitness – FREE!


Unlimited access to all scheduled live online classes for 14 days


Instant access to hundreds of on-demand workout videos for 14 days


Your 2 week Gold membership valued at $24.99 starts immediately once you register for the workshop

How it works


The workshop will take place live on Zoom, Sunday May 28 at 2pm. It will last approximately 60 minutes, and will not be recorded.


You’ll have the opportunity to interact with Christie in real-time, ask questions, and receive personalized feedback (you’re welcome to leave your camera off if you prefer).


Recommended equipment: resistance bands, a small towel, a yoga mat and some floor space. Access to a wall will be helpful for some exercises.


When you register you’ll receive instructions about your free 2 week Gold membership (which starts immediately once you register).


A few days before the workshop, you’ll receive an email with the Zoom link. Please join at least 5 minutes before the start time.

Includes two weeks of online fitness – FREE!

Christie Stoll Nutrition Coaching

Meet Your Guide

Christie Stoll is a highly experienced Pilates instructor, with a passion for helping people improve their overall fitness and wellness.

With over a decade of experience in the fitness industry, Christie has become known for her unique and personalized approach to Pilates, helping students of all levels achieve their goals and feel their best.

Christie has helped countless individuals improve their posture, overcome injuries, and strengthen their bodies from the inside out. She is certified in a variety of Pilates styles and techniques, and continues to expand her knowledge and skills through ongoing training and education.

With a warm and welcoming personality, Christie makes every class feel engaging and supportive, creating a safe space for students to explore their bodies and achieve their fitness goals.

Whether you’re a seasoned Pilates enthusiast or a newcomer to the practice, Christie is the perfect instructor to guide you on your journey to optimal health and wellness.

What people are saying

Testimonial for Christie Stoll online fitness


I LOVE Christie’s online fitness classes! They are energetic, challenging and fun! Excellent for the body, mind and soul; you just feel happy, good and strong. As a bonus, you get a supportive, helpful, amazing teacher.

Testimonial for Christie Stoll online fitness


Christie’s extensive knowledge of the body and friendly approach to teaching make her classes accessible to all levels of fitness and a pleasure to attend.

Testimonial for Christie Stoll online fitness


Christie’s classes are the best thing you can do for your body without leaving the house. Her precise, detailed instructions ensure that you exercise safely and properly, so that you can get the most out of every workout.

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Sunday May 28 at 2:00pm Pacific
(60 minutes)


Online via Zoom (you’ll get the link by email a few days before the workshop)


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