4 Exercises With A Long Resistance Band

Dec 1, 2022

4 Exercises With A Long Resistance Band

You don’t necessarily need dumbbells to create resistance when you’re working out. Resistance bands are a great way to add challenge to your routine while improving your strength and stability.

This 4 exercise sequence works your back, shoulders, arms, hips and core.

Do 10-15 reps of each, working at a slow and steady tempo.

  • ➡️  Lateral squat walks
  • ➡️  Pull aparts
  • ➡️  Wide squat pull downs
  • ➡️  Seated rows

I’ll be including long resistance bands in some of my upcoming online classes. If you’d like to purchase your own set, check your local fitness retailer or shop online. I purchased mine on Amazon for about $15. Here’s a link to the brand I bought. (BTW I’m not an Amazon affiliate; I don’t receive any payment for providing this link😀)

Music: bensound.com

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