Free Float Giveaway: And The Winner Is…

Mar 24, 2015

Floating at Pure Float

Floating at Pure Float

After a particularly tough workout, I love to go for a float. The combination of weightlessness and muscle-relaxing Magnesium Sulfate soothes my tired body and releases any emotional stress. In fact, the Australian Institute of Sport even considers flotation therapy an essential part of training for Olympic athletes!

So, Viv Santi‘s next Pilates workout had better be a tough one. Viv is the lucky winner of our Spring draw for a free float and neurospa at Pure Float in Vancouver!

Congratulations Viv Santi!

Enjoy your float experience, Viv! And thanks to everyone that subscribed to enter. Stay connected for more cool draws coming soon!

1 Comment

  1. Susan

    Congrats to winner! I’ve been hearing so much about floating – must try it one day. 🙂

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