Move Better, Feel Better – In Just 5 Minutes!

Mar 7, 2024

Get Up And Move!

Have you been sitting down for a while? Get up and try this 5 minute movement break! Regular movement, even when you’re at work or school, is an important part of your fitness routine.

Even a few minutes of mindful movement can make a difference in your day. Try these five exercises.

  1. Scapular CARS – improves upper back posture
  2. Hip CARS – helps release stiff hips
  3. Crossover side bends – stretches your side body
  4. Goddess twists – relaxes right shoulders
  5. Around the worlds – mobilizes your spine (and feels great!)

Feel better in just 5 minutes. Your hips, shoulders and spine will thank you for it!

This is not medical advice. If you have undiagnosed pain or are new to exercise, always consult a healthcare professional before starting this or any new program.

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