Raw Food. Paleo. Atkins. Popular Diets Not As Healthy As You May Think

Jan 12, 2015

They sound like the perfect diets. Eat “ancient” like our ancestors didbest-diets, before we ruined things with additives and preservatives. Or, eat “natural” like our primate cousins do: raw foods only, no newfangled notions like, well, cooking.

But instead of promoting health, a new American report finds these diets — along with other popular diets like Atkins — could actually cause more harm than good.

In avoiding dairy, grains and other mainstays of the modern diet, paleo followers may miss out on key nutrients.

To find out why these diets rank so low — and which diet ranks number one — check out this article from NPR’s The Salt blog.


  1. Karen Cattell

    Great blog Christie….super informative….interesting info on the GMO potatoes.

  2. Christie Stoll

    Thanks Karen!

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