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What Happens When You Stop Exercising?

Aug 18, 2022

Fitness Tip of the Week: What Happens When You Stop Exercising?

Rest and recovery after intense exercise is important and necessary.

Sometimes we may take a short vacation where we aren’t exercising, and that’s okay too.

But our bodies change quickly when we stop our exercise routine. After two months of no regular exercise, we’ve lost much of our gains and may be at higher risk of chronic disease.

Do you need a little help returning to your regular exercise program? Reach out, I can help. 😊

What Happens When You Stop Exercising?

This Week’s Featured On-Demand Classes

Here are some of the latest videos I’ve uploaded to the on-demand library.

BodySculpt Express - All In One Upper Body Workout 5

Pilates - Pilates With Props

Add a new dynamic to your Pilates routine by incorporating a yoga block and a resistance band.

Yoga Express - Quickie Energy Boost 30

Yoga Express - Hands Free Yoga Fix

Wrist issues keeping you from your practice? This hands-free all standing session is your answer!

Do you have an idea for a class you’d like to see? Is there a particular exercise you want to work on? Send me your request and I’ll do my best to incorporate it into an upcoming video. I’d love to hear from you!

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