Inspiring People: Teresa Maria Muñoz

by | Nov 8, 2017

This is Teresa Muñoz. Teresa and I first connected on Facebook, when she commented on a post I wrote on another inspiring person, Germana Viani.

“My life has been transformed.”

Motivated by Germana’s story and vivacious health, Teresa – who hadn’t exercised regularly for many years – began attending my Body Sculpt classes at Spartacus Gym. One class per week turned into two, and then three. Now, just 5 months since her first visit, Teresa attends up to 5 classes per week, including Yoga and Pilates.
“It’s amazing what exercise can do,” Teresa told me. “My life has been transformed.” In addition to becoming physically stronger, she’s sleeping better and feeling more confident and grounded.
“Spartacus Gym feels down to earth, respectful,” she confided. Of the other Body Sculpt participants, she noted, “We are all there for a higher purpose – to better ourselves. I really belong here.”
Yes you do, Teresa! Keep on inspiring!


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