What Are You Made Of? This Body Scanner Will Show You

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A picture of me as you’ve never seen me!

Have you ever wondered what your exact body fat percentage is? Whether your muscles are symmetrical or not? If you have dangerous visceral fat? Scoliosis? Osteoporosis?

I’ve been curious about my body composition, so I went to see Peter Schwagly at Bodycomp Imaging Inc. for a total body composition scan and analysis.

This Body Scanner Will Show You What You’re Made Of

Peter uses a machine called a Hologic DXA (dual energy X-Ray absorptiometry) body scanner, which looks like a futuristic tanning bed. You lie down on it, fully clothed, for about 5 minutes while scans your body, measuring the amount of fat, muscle and bone per pixel. With this information, a very accurate measurement of your body fat percentage, lean muscle mass and distribution, and bone mineral density and symmetry is collected.

Bodycomp Imaging makes use of Hologic DXA scanners like this one

After your scan Peter gives you a thorough explanation of your results and how you compare to others of your gender and age. Bonus: you’ll also get a breakdown of your specific caloric needs and macronutrient requirements, along with lots of helpful nutrition tips.

I now know how effective my workouts have been, what I need to work on in the future, and how many calories and protein I need to achieve my goals.

As Peter said during my session, the BodyScan gives you an idea of not only where you’re at, but where you might be in 30 or 40 years. And that’s priceless for anyone from athletes and bodybuilders to people with weight loss goals or interested in healthy ageing.

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