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Yoga or Pilates: Which is Better?

As a personal trainer who teaches and practices both Pilates and Yoga, I am often asked which is better. My answer: both disciplines can have amazing effects on your body and mind, although the benefits differ. Yoga Yoga is well-known for its relaxing, meditative...

Walk This Way: Three F’s For Better Health

"An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day." Thoreau  My client and friend Annie is an avid walker. She averages 40-60 minutes at a time, strides with a brisk pace and prefers forested areas over city streets. She's slim and fit, never seems to get sick,...

“I Want A Six-Pack!”

When I ask clients about their long term fitness goals, defined, washboard abs - the six-pack - often makes it onto the list. Who among us (myself included) hasn't craved that magazine cover beach body? Take my client Jen for example. Jen is fit and athletic, and...


9:30am Yoga


7:30am Mobility
9:30am BodySculpt
4:30pm Pilates


9:30am Mobility
12:00pm Pilates
4:30pm BodySculpt


9:30am BodySculpt
5:00pm Yoga


10:30am Pilates
4:30pm BodySculpt Express


9:30am BodySculpt

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