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Snowshoeing: Healthy and Fun (and Cheap Too!)

Looking for a fun, easy way to stay fit during the winter season without spending tons of cash? Try snowshoeing! Snowshoeing is very inexpensive compared to alpine skiing. Once you have shoes & poles, it's practically free, and there are no line-ups! It is easy to...

Who has time to work out? You do!

A lot of people have trouble squeezing a workout into their busy day. And no wonder. Add up how long it takes to get to the gym, change, do your workout, hit the shower, change again -- no surprise it's tough to find the time! What if I told you there was an...


9:30am Yoga


7:30am Mobility
9:30am BodySculpt
4:30pm Pilates


9:30am Mobility
12:00pm Pilates
4:30pm BodySculpt


9:30am BodySculpt
5:00pm Yoga


10:30am Pilates
4:30pm BodySculpt Express


9:30am BodySculpt

With my live online fitness classes you’ll get great workouts — and so much more!

You can ask questions and get feedback on your posture. I’ll give you modifications to the exercises, suggested music playlists, and encouragement to keep going.