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Healthy Recipe: Banana-Nut Breakfast Smoothie

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day; I look forward to it the moment I wake up. But when you rise at the crack of dawn, making a healthy and filling meal can sometimes seem too time consuming.  Here's a fast and easy smoothie recipe that's super delicious,...

4 Ways Pilates Can Improve Your Sex Life

The benefits of Pilates are well-documented:  a stronger and more stable core, improved flexibility, and reduced back pain to name a few. But here's a secret we Pilates instructors don't usually share in our classes: practicing Pilates can improve your sex life....

Lifting Weights: What’s Right For Me?

When I was in my early 20s, my friend Jodi announced she was beginning a weight training program. At first I was skeptical. I'd never met any women who lifted weights and I assumed it would make you look bulgy and unfeminine, like the Incredible Hulk. But after a few...

Free Float Giveaway: And The Winner Is…

After a particularly tough workout, I love to go for a float. The combination of weightlessness and muscle-relaxing Magnesium Sulfate soothes my tired body and releases any emotional stress. In fact, the Australian Institute of Sport even considers flotation therapy...


9:30am Yoga


7:30am Mobility
9:30am BodySculpt
4:30pm Pilates


9:30am Mobility
12:00pm Pilates
4:30pm BodySculpt


9:30am BodySculpt
5:00pm Yoga


10:30am Pilates
4:30pm BodySculpt Express


9:30am BodySculpt

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