9:30am Yoga


7:30am Mobility
9:30am BodySculpt
4:30pm Pilates


9:30am Mobility
12:00pm Pilates
4:30pm BodySculpt


9:30am BodySculpt
5:00pm Yoga


10:30am Pilates
4:30pm BodySculpt Express


9:30am BodySculpt

With my live online fitness classes you’ll get great workouts — and so much more!

You can ask questions and get feedback on your posture. I’ll give you modifications to the exercises, suggested music playlists, and encouragement to keep going.


Christie To Go! 20 Minute Desk De-Stress Yoga Class

A Yoga Class You Can Do At Work! This 20 minute audio class is designed for you to do while sitting at your desk; it's the perfect antidote to your stressful job. Great during coffee- or lunch-break, or as an awesome start to the day. Click here to go to the downloads...

Christie To Go! 20 Minute Hard Core Workout

Grab a mat and prepare to feel the burn! Thanks to everyone who's requested this challenging, 20 minute hard core workout. It's a short but intense, core-strengthening audio class you can download to iTunes or another computer audio program, or to your smartphone....

Christie To Go! 10 Minute Lower Back Rescue

Lower back pain? Christie to the rescue! If you've ever experienced lower back pain -- and who hasn't! -- this ten-minute audio class is for you. You can do this lower back rescue routine every day to strengthen and lengthen your lower back, and rescue you from pain....

Christie To Go! 40 Minute Basic Mat Pilates Class

You asked for it -- now here it is! My first downloadable Mat Pilates Class is available. This MP3 audio can be played on your computer or phone. Now you can do Pilates wherever you are! Click here to go to the download page.

Healthy Recipe: Banana-Nut Breakfast Smoothie

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day; I look forward to it the moment I wake up. But when you rise at the crack of dawn, making a healthy and filling meal can sometimes seem too time consuming.  Here's a fast and easy smoothie recipe that's super delicious,...